Cake Farts Video

Yes, you clicked on therefore you asked for it! Cake Farts Video.

The Cake Farts Video, as you can see, is listed above. It is embedded from Ebaum’s World and it is completely free. Pretty soon, this site will have more fart videos, including Pudding Farts, Peanut Butter Farts, Meatloaf Farts and others.

As you can see, this page (and most of the entire site) is dedicated to the Cake Farts Video. You will see the other shock videos in different pages that will be at the top of this blog.
We have funny youtube reaction videos that will be posted under each main fart video.  The reactions from people are absolutely hilarious and people are definitely shocked at the videos.  People are not shy to have themselves posted on youtube to have everyone see.  That is good because it makes for good entertainment.  And entertainment is why were are all here right?  LOL

The picture above is how people start out watching the cake farts video.  More curious and not knowing what to expect.  This photo is a snap shot from youtube where they are getting ready to check out the funny video.  Do they even know what they are in for??

Cake Farts Video>
Again, although reactions are usually on the humorous side, sometimes the reactions from people can be disgust.  Disgust and confusion is how the next photo really is described by me.In her response, after taking her hand away from her mouth, she keeps asking “What’s the point?”  Again, bewilderment of why someone is doing a cake farts video in the first place.

So I guess another question her is…why?  can really explain this.  From what I understand, her husband is the person behind the video camera the entire time.  Now I am a husband too…but there would be no way in hell I would be convincing my wife to do a cake farts video.  Not my thing, but it is obviously her husband’s thing.  Otherwise, why would he want to see, hear and smell all that nastiness that his wife expels out?  Whatever.

All in all, the cake farts video is definitely classified as an internet sensation and people do want to see it.  Again, whatever, if that is your thing.  Check out the cake farts video at the top – it will blow you away (no pun intended).

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