I guess the real question is WHO watches the Cakefarts Video? Quite simply – almost anyone.  Let me explain!

The video of cakefarts you will see in the reaction videos is that it is played in every type of situation:  one on one, a couple of friends watching, a small group of people that have been dared to watch it or even played at a huge party where you can see that people are drinking beer and someone has turned on cakefarts on their big computer screen for all to see.

A lot of the time, they are being recorded so people can see their reactions to the cake farter video.  The recordings of people’s reactions to cakefarts are HILARIOUS.  I mean, c’mon, just imaging your unsuspecting friends all at your house for a birthday party, eating cake and then you say “hey everyone, come here and see this cake video!”  Most of the time they don’t even know what cakefarts is or even ever heard of a fart video.  It’s not like they are ever at home in their kitchen and, all of a sudden, they get the urge to go to the trouble of baking a cake, bring it out of the oven, let it cool off, getting naked, climbing on the kitchen table and then decide to squat over, on and in it passing gas – recording it the whole time then posting it on the internet for everyone to see.Not only that, the cakefarts girl is not even wearing a mask or blurring out her face so no one knows who she even is.  It seems like she is actually PROUD to be farting all over a cake.Have you ever wanted to do this?  I hope not.  Definitely, not me. Nasty.

Another situation that I do not get has to do with showing cakefarts to people is when someone records their mom or dad – even their grandmother to see cakefarts.  Farting on a cake is not something I want to voluntary show my grandparents to have them be proud of me that I can find something like that on the internet.  I would be worried of them wondering why I was even looking for that in the first place.  On top of that, recording their reaction to cakefarts and putting it on youtube or this site to show their disgust.  Not my thing at all!

As I have said before – whatever turns you on, go right ahead.  Just don’t expect everyone to be fond of cakefarts.

CLICK HERE to watch Cake Farts Video